Hackrate Secured

This is to certify that Hackrate has successfully completed the Pentest-as-a-Service for


The Pentest-as-a-Service has been conducted in accordance with OWASP Testing Guide v4.
This cerificate is valid for 12 months and it can be validated by contacting Hackrate.
Testing period: 3/3/2022 - 4/3/2022

Result: No critical or high severity vulnerabilities were found during the retesting.

Balazs Pozner

Balázs Pózner, CEO



Hackrate Secured

Certificate ID: 3dc4eb61-4bee-4b48-bcad-512e7f48249f

Disclaimer: Hackrate makes no warranty of any kind about the completeness of the security test. All company is responsible for the secure operation of all their IT systems.

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