The bug bounty program is a proactive way to secure your business.

{Main benefits}

Hackrate can help you to go beyond textbook testing methods and find hidden vulnerabilities. Our creative ethical hackers are simulating attacks similar to real life in order to get the most accurate result and find the gaps that can lead to a data breach.

Continuous testing

Penetration tests are time-bound activities, but with a bug bounty program, you can achieve continuous security testing of your product changes. Our experienced ethical hackers are using the latest tools to reveal security holes effectively.

Increase the trust

Prevent potential data breaches by reducing security risks. With Hackrate, you can create a culture of transparency and responsibility by actively improving your security level, which means a strong commitment to security.

Centralized view

Our secure platform helps you to keep vulnerability reports centralized and easily manageable, while you can access the identified security vulnerabilities immediately. Our built-in dashboard even allows you to track the bug bounty budget.

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Our team of security experts understands the challenges of security leaders and can help you to integrate bug bounty into your cybersecurity strategy.

Bug bounty program in four steps


Definition of the scope

Definition of the objectives and requirements, especially what is in the scope, what are the rewards for the reported vulnerabilities, and the number of hackers invited to the program. Our experienced team tailors the program exactly to your needs. We can keep your programs private (with selected ethical hackers) or make your program public (open to our ethical hacker community).


Preparation for testing

Finalization of the testing plan, which contains the timeline and the bug bounty program's rules. For example, what hackers can and cannot do during the testing must be specified, which kind of vulnerabilities are considered accepted. Our team helps you to get prepared and supports you to find the best security testing strategy for you.


Testing and reporting

Hackrate launches the program and invites ethical hackers. During the testing, ethical hackers submit bug reports with details on how to exploit the bug. Communication is key in maintaining trust during the process. Our team helps with the communication and verifies the bugs reported by the ethical hackers. Your company receives updates on submitted vulnerabilities immediately via our platform.


Remediation of risks

After the validation of reports submitted through our platform, you can start the resolution of identified risks with the help of hackers. With realistic tests of your system's defenses, you will be able to prioritize the vulnerabilities discovered during the tests. Ethical hackers get rewards and reputation points on our platform based on the severity of the identified vulnerabilities.

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Want to know more about Bug Bounty? Download our detailed datasheet today to find out how to proactively secure your business with our Bug Bounty Program.

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Start your bug bounty program today and protect your data more efficiently.

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Our platform helps companies to identify software vulnerabilities in a cost-efficient way. It provides a secure and centralized view of ethical hacking projects for your company.

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