Our team of security experts can assist you through the process of integrating crowdsourced security testing into your cybersecurity plans.

Managed Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Enable ethical hackers to report potential security bugs.

Know your weaknesses

  • 365 days
  • Compliance with ISO
  • VDP consultancy
  • Customized VDP form
  • Report validation (limited)

Pentest as a Service

Secure your business in a safe and controlled way.

In-depth assessment

  • 15-30 days
  • Only verified hackers
  • 5-20 invited hackers
  • Report validation
  • Retesting

Managed Bug Bounty Program

Identify security weaknesses before cybercriminals.

Continuous testing

  • 365 days
  • Report validation
  • Payment management
  • Retesting
  • mVDP form

G2 rating
G2 rating
G2 rating
G2 rating
G2 rating
G2 rating
G2 rating
G2 rating

Our cybersecurity experts conduct thorough assessments of defense capabilities, thereby mitigating your cybersecurity risks.

Attack Surface Management

Take control with Attack Surface Management before the unseen becomes unavoidable.
We help you establish a comprehensive approach to identify and address vulnerabilities.

  • Updated internet-facing asset inventory
  • Advanced security testing approach
  • Automated vulnerability scan & Elite hackers


HackGATE is an enterprise-level monitoring solution, empowers you to get full control over your ethical hacking projects.
With HackGATE, you can create transparent reports regarding the testing process.

  • Comprehensive control over your penetration testing activities
  • Achieve the highest level of transparency in ethical hacking
  • Simplify compliance audits by leveraging the capabilities of HackGATE
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Our platform helps companies to identify software vulnerabilities in a cost-efficient way. It provides a secure and centralized view of ethical hacking projects for your company.

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