We offer four types of services within the Hackrate Ethical Hacking Platform

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Managed Bug Bounty Program

With Managed Bug Bounty Program you will be able to identify security weaknesses before cybercriminals. Our services provide a comprehensive test of your companies’ defense capability.

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Penetration Testing as a Service

With PenTest as a Service we help you secure your business in a safe and controlled way. It provides a unique, in-depth evaluation of how your IT systems are prepared for real-life attacks.

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Managed Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (mVDP)

With mVDP we help you enable security researchers to report potential security bugs on your product and minimize the risks of disclosing vulnerabilities through inappropriate channels.

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Attack Surface Management

Without attack surface management, your cybersecurity is like leaving the doors open for cyber trouble – a black hat hacker's dream! Don't let your digital welcome mat become a red carpet for trouble; keep those cyber doors locked and secure!

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It’s time to integrate bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure into your cybersecurity strategy.

Leverage Hackrate's global community of ethical hackers as an assurance against software bugs.

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Our platform helps companies to identify software vulnerabilities in a cost-efficient way. It provides a secure and centralized view of ethical hacking projects for your company.

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