We help you to establish a process to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities.

{Main benefits}

We provide a secure system to effectively identify and address vulnerabilities. The results?

Know your weaknesses

Enable the ethical hacker community to report vulnerabilities regarding your company that may have otherwise been unreported.

Prevent data breach

By fixing the reported security bugs, you will be able to prevent a serious data breach.

Validated reports

With a professional security team, we will help you to reduce the resources needed for managing reports.

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State of Vulnerability Disclosure: Key learnings from our eBook

We conducted in-depth research on VDP, talking to almost 100 security professionals to reveal why Vulnerability Disclosure processes often fail, what the risks of overlooking VDP are, and what steps you can take to do it right. Find out more from our eBook.

Download the eBook here

Or check out our blog post summarizing the key learnings!

{Secure your product in four steps}

Set up your VDP

We help you to specify the content of your VDP. In the first step, we ensure safe harbor practices in your VDP and legal safeguards for security researchers working in good faith to identify and report vulnerabilities.

Publish our form on your website

To use our platform for receiving vulnerability reports, we help you to embed the Hackrate submission form on your website. Important: VDP is only published on your website; active security testing is not encouraged.

Receive validated reports

The ethical hackers provide information on the vulnerability through a secure online form, and our team validates all incoming submissions before you receive them. In addition, our structured vulnerability report form improves the quality of the reports.

Fix the vulnerabilities

In the last step, you can start removing or mitigating the reported vulnerabilities. We manage the entire process, including helping you in communication with ethical hackers.

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Report icon Learn more about mVDP

Want to know more about mVDP? Download our detailed datasheet today to find out how to establish a process to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities.

{Set up your VDP with us}

Our platform ensures end-to-end encryption of reports and the whole VDP process is made to follow the two ISO standards related to vulnerability management (ISO/IEC 29147: Vulnerability disclosure and ISO/IEC 30111: Vulnerability handling processes).

Start your VDP today

Our platform helps companies to identify software vulnerabilities in a cost-efficient way. It provides a secure and centralized view of ethical hacking projects for your company.

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