About Intigriti

Intigriti is a newcomer compared to other US-based bug bounty providers, showcasing an ability to achieve rapid growth through innovative solutions and a highly-skilled team.

Despite being relatively new, they have gathered significant references, allowing them to offer more affordable pricing and adopt a customer-centric approach.

Things to consider

Inflexible contract terms

Intigriti’s contract terms lack the flexibility that many clients desire. It may limit negotiation options and the ability to adapt contracts to changing circumstances. As a result, clients may find themselves constrained by predetermined terms that do not fully align with their preferences.

Lack of transparency during testing

A major drawback is the lack of transparency during testing; a company cannot determine whether no vulnerabilities were found because there are none, or because the hackers participating in the bug bounty program were not testing them.

Comparison of Intigriti & Hackrate

Intigriti Hackrate
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Intigriti provides a reasonably priced, high-quality solution for companies seeking to integrate a bug bounty program into their security practices. Notable challenges are ensuring the quality of pentests and varying levels of service.

At Hackrate, customers’ unique needs are our top priority. We offer dependable, cost-effective security solutions with custom-built plans and advanced monitoring to keep you safe and thriving.


Our platform helps companies to identify software vulnerabilities in a cost-efficient way. It provides a secure and centralized view of ethical hacking projects for your company.

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